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Sending money between the US and Argentina has never been easier

Vibrant users can now send unlimited USDC back and forth between the US and Argentina, for absolutely no sending fees

Send money locally!

Pro users can harness the power of the Vibrant wallet to send crypto to any Stellar wallet in the world!


Manage your assets from our new and improved home screen

We’ve optimized with our users in mind. Easily add, send, manage, and explore new features 


Explore all of the exciting things you can do with the Stellar ecosystem

Buy, sell, and trade USDC

Harness the power of dozens of exchanges that support Stellar Lumens and Stellar USDC to load and unload your wallet

Buy, collect, and hold NFT’s via Litemint (coming soon)

Buy unlimited gift cards from our partners (coming soon)

Buy flights and hotels using your Vibrant balance (coming soon)

Get paid internationally and hold your salary in your Vibrant wallet (coming soon)

We’ll pay you 13 USDC to start using Vibrant today*

With Vibrant, you can earn rewards just for using the app and learning more about the power of Stellar USDC

Load money into and out of the Stellar network, globally.
Easily use:

Your supported debit card*
(coming soon)
Cash in or out with your local MoneyGram
(currently US only)
Transfer using your bank
(currently AR only)
Choose from dozens of supported exchanges


Fast, affordable, and easy

Close transactions in 5 seconds
Zero network fees
Your easiest Web3 experience



Vibrant is a non-custodial wallet, so it is solely controlled by you. You are the only one who can access it, hence the greater advantage in privacy and security


With all the safety features you expect

Only you can access your Vibrant wallet
Easily recover with your backup phrase



Our advanced consensus protocol is environmentally sustainable

We built Vibrant with our community in mind

Stay up to date with our 2022 roadmap and future goals




Cash in/out with more on and off ramps
Buy giftcards with Stellar USDC
Wallet connect support
Get paid internationally + hold your wages in Vibrant
Buy and sell your NFT’s with Vibrant to share with your friends
More coming soon!